Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions and answers for bidders

Additional documentation and policies can be found at our documentation page.

FAQ For Bidders

You can find out more about bidding in our Information On The Bidding Process document.

How do I contact the auction's administrator?

You must be logged into the auction with your account in order to find the administrator's contact information. The administrator's contact information will be found on the right hand side in the "Questions?" area of most pages.

Will I receive email notifications regarding items I am bidding on?

Yes! E-mail notifications confirming your bid will be sent out, as well e-mails are also sent when someone outbids you.

E-mail notifications are sent by the system as soon as you place a bid or someone outbids you. However we cannot guarantee that each email will reach you in a timely manner, as slowdowns on the internet or intermediate mail servers can affect delivery times.

To help ensure proper delivery into your inbox, please add the domain to your safe senders list, or add [email protected] to your address book.

I am not receiving SMS Text Outbid Notifications!

Make sure your mobile phone number is entered correctly on your account. The number should contain the full ten digit North American Dialling number. Please only enter a valid mobile telephone number. Land line numbers will not work. SMS notifications are available in Canada and the United States only.

You must also opt-in to receiving SMS Test Notifications. By default this option is not enabled, and you must explicitly enable SMS Outbid notifications on your account.

How do I check the status of items I am bidding on?

When you are logged in, there is a section titled "My Items". In this section, you will see a list of items that you are currently the high bidder on, and a list of items that you are no longer the highest bidder.

I may need to have the item's I won shipped, how do I do that?

Be sure you have entered your full shipping address in your account profile, to make it easier for the auction administrator to determine what shipping charges may apply, and where your item(s) should be shipped.

Prior to bidding on an item, you should contact the auction administrator to get an estimate for any shipping charges that might apply. Once the auction closes you should also contact the auction administrator for a total shipping cost for your item(s). When sending your payment be sure to include this amount. For auction's that accept integrated on-line payments enter just the amount for shipping in field provided on the payment screen. This amount will be added to the total invoice.

Some auctions may not offer shipping. Please review the auction's Winning Bidder Payment Information and Terms for any restrictions.

I made a mistake when I placed my bid and entered $1000 instead of $10.00! Can you fix it?

Oops! If you have made an obvious mistake when entering your bid amount, please contact the auction's administrator (contact information can be found on the auction's site when you are logged in) and also copy the message to [email protected], explaining the mistake you made and to see if it can be corrected. Include the item's ID and name in your message.

To prevent mistakes, please ensure you check your bid amount in the confirmation step of the bidding process.

You can find out more about bidding in our Information On The Bidding Process document.

I changed my mind and no longer want an item I bid on, can the bid be retracted?

No! Retraction of a bid because you changed your mind is not allowed. When placing a bid, you are agreeing to a contract between you and the auction administrator (seller) to purchase the item in the event that you are the highest bidder.

Please bid wisely, and only place bids you intend to honour. Please read the item description fully, and ask the auction's administrator any questions you may have about the item, prior to placing your bid.

You can find out more about bidding in our Information On The Bidding Process document.