eFlea's on-line charity silent auction system provides many features and customizations to make your fund raiser go smooth and hassle free.

On-Line Charity Silent Auctions Made Easy

Keep the “FUN” and “FUNDs” in your Fundraising with the eFlea Charity Auction System




Integrations3, 4

Near Real-Time

E-Mail & SMS2 Notifications

Data Export
and Printing

Text Editors

Incorporate Logos
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Integration & Sharing


  • Silent Auctions run 24x7, from 1 to 30 days in duration
  • Supports from 1 to 200 items per auction
  • Set up your auction up to 6 months in advance
  • Automated fair minimum bid increment algorithm
  • Download your auction data in MS Excel™ format
  • Sales summary sheet for winning bidder and payment tracking
  • Printable Auction Item Sheets With QR Codes
  • Unlimited Number of Bidders
  • Social Sharing Widgets


  • Use any payment method that best suits your need
  • Optional PayPal integration and Square export3, 4
  • Set currency to CAD, USD, NZD, AUD, GBP, EUR or ZAR1, 4
  • Have multiple administrators and/or assistants for your auction
  • Have your auction transition to a live in-person event3
  • Private unlisted auctions available
  • Printable item bid sheets for transitioning auctions3
  • Run multiple auctions if required
  • Social Integration with Facebook & Twitter

Still have questions? Check out our How It Works and Frequently Asked Questions pages.


  1. Only one currency can be supported per auction. Current supported currencies are CAD, USD, AUD, NZD, GBP, EUR or ZAR.
  2. SMS notification available only to bidders with Canadian or United States mobile numbers. Users must opt-in to receive SMS notifications.
  3. Certain features are not available for auctions that transition to a live event, such as: PayPal™ integration, Automated end of auction notifications, etc.
  4. PayPal is not supported for auctions using the South African Rand (ZAR) currency.

How Much Does It Cost?

Did we mention that you can host an auction for FREE on eFlea?

No fees. No commissions. No hidden costs. It's just plain free!

*If using a payment provider service to collect your payments, they may charge a transaction fee.
Refer to your providers website for details.

You could use eFlea's base auction to raise $500, $2,000 or even over $200,000 (the most successful auction hosted to date) and you would get to keep all the funds raised by your auction!

How does eFlea make money then?

Simple answer: We don't!

Longer answer: We do make a small amount of revenue via ads displayed on the auction's site (no more than 3 ads per page). This helps us offset the costs associated with hosting, data storage, security and other recurring operational costs.

What sets eFlea apart from the rest?

Other online auction hosting websites say they are "free to try," which usually means you can start an auction, but are either limited by the number of items you can auction off (additional fees for more items), they may charge a setup fee, or the moment you receive payments it is no longer free (commission fees). We allow you to get paid in what ever fashion suits your needs best. And we never take a "cut" out of your payments.

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